Hi. (Please pardon my horrible grammar)

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I really dislike tumblr and it’s keeping me from living my life. This sounds super cliché but it’s true for me at least. I know it’s really easy to say “just go on hiatus” or “do whatever you want to your blog to make yourself more comfortable on tumblr.com” but that just doesn’t work for me. I don’t want to go on hiatus because I just keep coming back. I’ve wasted too much time and I just have to stop.

Currently, I am taking summer french classes and I need to study to become as fluent as possible. Tumblr has gotten in the way of that. Also, in September, I’m going to a new high school that’s more advanced and independent than my old school and since I’m going into Gr. 11 my grades and education are my first priority. I changed schools to benefit myself and I know for a fact that if I keep my blog I will not succeed at my new school.


  • tumblr has become a drag
  • I don’t like tumblr or being on it anymore
  • I gotta get serious with my future
  • I desperately want to learn French
  • I really need to stay focused on school 
  • I’ll finally have time to complete other things (movie lists, books, etc.)
  • hiatuses just don’t work for me (I really can’t do it you may be able to but I just can’t)
  • I’m done with this part of my life

To all the friends that I’ve made, you’re all so spectacular and I love you dearly and thank you for talking to me about classic rock, movies and those dumb Zombies. The memories were all awesome and I’ll never forget them. To all the people I’ve come into contact with on this site, thank you, you were all great and cool too.

Just in case you wanted to contact me there’s still my twitter (@unsuremorrissey) or you can e-mail me at geoffbaking@gmail.com (I don’t really check my e-mail tbh but it’ll show up on my phone so). Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you really want to. And if I ignore you I’m really sorry I’m probably studying or something.

Soo yeah. I’ll probably remake later but for now I must leave.